Date: 7th May 2024  |   Time: 13:00 - 14:00 GST 

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This webinar aims to delve into the multifaceted security challenges faced by educational facilities, from unauthorized access to complex safety threats. We will explore how smart surveillance technologies, especially AI-based surveillance, not only bolster security but also significantly enhance operational efficiency and enrich learning experiences. Participants will learn how integrating these innovative solutions can create a safer, more efficient, and conducive learning environment, demonstrating the broad impact of advanced surveillance technology across educational campuses.

Discover the significance of selecting the ideal Integration Partner like MVP Tech - Convergint MEA and how Incorporating advanced Surveillance and Video Analytics solutions, like those pioneered by BOSCH, demands strategic choices. These decisions extend beyond technology; they hold the key to reshaping the future readiness and durability of educational institutions.



* Explore the adoption of smart surveillance systems in educational environments and analyze how these technologies mitigate common security threats.

* Discover the latest developments in BOSCH surveillance technology, particularly focusing on video analytics features, and witness real-world case studies showcasing their effectiveness in enhancing situational awareness and threat detection.

* The importance of maintaining ethical standards and privacy in implementing advanced surveillance systems, and explore collaborative efforts between stakeholders in creating adaptive and future-proof security solutions.

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Why should you attend? 

Is your campus secured enough, or are there potential blind spots in your surveillance system? This webinar will discuss how to unlock the secrets to a safer, more enriching learning environment.

What's in it for Education Officials?

Explore how advanced surveillance technologies empower education officials to monitor every corner of the campus, proactively identifying and mitigating risks to ensure a safe space for students to thrive.

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The benefits for Educators:
Explore how real-time monitoring and analytics enable educators to optimize classroom layouts, track student movements, and identify areas for improvement, ultimately fostering a more conducive learning environment.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency:
How integrating advanced surveillance technologies streamlines operational processes for those who maintain the security of Educational Institutions, From optimizing resource allocation to enhancing emergency response protocols, these technologies empower them to operate more efficiently, allowing educators to focus on what matters most: the education and well-being of their students.

Panel discussion and Q&A: 
The participants will have the opportunity to engage with these experts, ask questions and gain valuable insights. 



Issam Shibany
Director of PreSales and Business Development

Company: MVP Tech - A Convergint Company 

With 15+  years of experience managing the commercial and technical designs of complex security systems for a wide array of clients. He has demonstrated expertise in milestone-setting successful deployments for several iconic projects in the UAE and across the Middle East while leading the Presales and Business Development teams. He is driven by the zeal to understand how modern technology can serve clients' security and operational requirements and align customer aspirations with the best engineering practices.

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Nils Zerrer
Head of Product Management

Company: BOSCH 

Nils Zerrer is the Head of Product Management (Cloud, AI and Solutions) at Bosch Security Systems. He is closely working with Education Institutions in the US, for which Bosch Security Systems has recently co-created unique solutions. He holds a master’s degree in Machine Learning from the University College London and is currently located in Eindhoven (Netherlands). Together with his team, he is working on creating intelligent solutions that make the world a safer place


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